The vast majority of online casino operators now offer mobile phone optimised versions of their most popular games. This has made it easier for players to have a little flutter while they are out and about and take their favourite games with them. However, not all game types have proved popular on mobile phones. Card games and those that require players to commit a significant amount of time in a single sitting have proved far harder nuts to crack on mobile devices than some other playing experiences. In this article, we will examine some of the games that have most smoothly made the transition to mobile devices.

Overall, if you see an online casino game on a mobile phone, the odds are that it is a slot machine based game. This is hardly surprising since the vast majority of most online gaming site catalogues are made up of slot machine games (although many of these are fairly similar variations on the same theme).

The reason for this is fairly straightforward. Card based games, especially those that involve live play, typically require the player to dedicate at least 10 minutes to a single session. That may not sound like a particularly long amount of time on paper but in an age of ever decreasing attention spans, it’s very hard to get anyone to commit for that long. Additionally, anyone playing on a train or other type of public transport faces the constant threat of disconnection, causing them to lose the time they have put into a game and potentially the money they have staked on a particular round.

Slot machine based games avoid all of these problems. There is only ever one player, so there is no issue if a player wishes to pause the game and come back and complete their session later. It’s also easy to offer variations of the game which allow each play to last only a few seconds up to several minutes for more complex bonus rounds. It is the flexibility of slot machine games that has made them so popular on mobile phones.