For many years, online casino gambling has been neatly covered with a blanket of misconceptions and myths which need to be pulled aside. These myths are typically held onto by especially those casino players with a negative attitude towards games of chance. For this faction of gamblers, it is quite easy to suspect that a roulette wheel could be biased when they are on a losing streak. Here are some of the common gambling myths which must be treated with the contempt they deserve.

Casino Games Are Rigged

This is undoubtedly the most common misconception of them all. Many people believe that the fairness of online casino games is compromised. This is a flat lie. While there may have been a few cases of casino games being rigged, one thing that must be understood by all players is the house edge, which makes it possible for casinos to exist. The house edge is the advantage which a casino enjoys over a gambler. Let’s get a bit honest here; if every casino player were to win, would casinos be there? The house edge is wholly valid and legal; hence, it should not be weaponised by casino losers. With the use of a Random Number Generator, all casino game outcomes are randomly generated, making the rigging claims completely baseless.

Online Casinos Don’t Pay Winners

It is true that online casinos may keep your winnings pending for some time, but all this is done for purposes of identity verification. If the casinos fail to pay due diligence when paying out, the money may land in the wrong hands, and this would make the myth even stronger. The cases of players being denied winnings are rare, but even the kind of punishment which casinos face in such cases are so severe, (think blacklisting, licence denial, bad reputation etc.), that many casinos don’t want to walk this path.

Online Casinos Are Not Secure

Genuine online casinos are licensed by reputable licensing authorities, and this is in itself a herald of a safe and honest gaming environment. A majority of these sites also use SSL encryption technology as a data security measure. Thus, to claim that online casinos are not secure is to paint the sites in a bad light for nothing.